Please refer to signs on the doors or ask a staff person for the password.

Wireless Access Rules and Information

  • Your use of the library’s Internet access constitutes your acceptance of the Public Access Internet Policy (see below).

  • The library’s wireless network is not secure. Use virus protection, personal firewalls, or other measures to protect the information on your device.

  • The parents or guardians of children with devices capable of using the library’s WiFi are responsible for supervising and guaranteeing their child’s proper and safe use of the Internet.

  • Internet use must be consistent with the Library Use Policy and the Public Access Internet Policy (see both below).

  • Respect should be shown to other library users and staff. Noise levels should be kept down and use of bandwidth should not affect others’ ability to use the Internet.

  • Respect for the privacy and sensibility of others should be shown by not displaying images which are likely to prove objectionable.

  • Wireless users are responsible for configuring their own equipment.

The name of the library’s WiFi network is Penn Yan Public Library.