The New York Library Association (NYLA) Sustainability Roundtable defines its work in terms of the triple bottom line – the recognition that, while many people think of sustainability as relating primarily to the health of the environment, it also encompasses social equity and economic components as well. Penn Yan Public Library adheres to this view, and is working toward sustainability in our community by encouraging progress in all three of these strands. This approach ensures that our plans, goals, and projects acknowledge every element required to build and expand a healthy society.

Resilience refers to the extent to which something can bounce back from stresses, changes, and disturbances. Committing to the triple bottom line results in a more resilient, less vulnerable community. Click on each of the categories below to learn how PYPL is working to improve our region’s resilience, as well as ways that you can participate and work with us.

Environmental Impact

Social Equity Impact

Economic Impact